2016 Health Freedom Congress Registration

Full Registration – Full 3-Day Event (includes all events)
Single Event Register – Geoengineering Workshop

Single Event Register – Movie: “VAXXED – From Cover-up to Catastrophe”
Single Event Register – Banquet & Keynote or Keynote only

$200 – General Participant Full Package (Includes Meet and Greet on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday Working Sessions, Geoengineering workshop, “VAXXED” movie, and Awards Banquet with Keynote)
$15 – Geoengineering Workshop on Monday, August 1 at 6:30 PM
$15 – “VAXXED” Movie on Monday, August 1 at 8:15 PM
$60 – Organic Banquet Dinner with Keynote Speech on Tuesday, August 2 at 6:30 PM
$25 – Keynote Speech only on Tuesday, August 2 at 7:00PM


How Many People Can Attend the Congress?
The Congress is open to the public for general participation.  Original planning includes 40 plus Congress Voting Member organizations and 100 additional individuals, General Participants.

What is a Congress Voting Member?
NHFC has invited organizations promoting health freedom in the U.S. to be Congress Voting Members. During a limited time in the first morning of the Congress these members convene the Congress circle, and share their strengths and campaigns with each other and strategize ways to work together, strengthening the health freedom movement through unity and solidarity. For the remainder of the days, General Participants and Congress Voting Members will have the opportunity to discuss important issues and develop collaborative strategies to strengthen the vision of health freedom.

What is a Congress General Participant?
In addition to Voting Members, NHFC has planned for 100 individuals called General Participants and leaders to be able to attend this event.  During the time that the Congress is not convened, Voting Members and General Participants will fully participate in the entire event activities including working group sessions, workshops, meals, and the Health Freedom Awards Banquet.  During the limited time that the Congress is convened, General Participants will be seated in the circle directly behind and surrounding the Congress and will have full access to the Congress proceedings. They will not have microphone access or be able to vote or to participate in the deliberations of the Congress unless requested to by the Congress itself.

Congress General Participant – Full Package ($200 per person)
General Participants will be able to fully participate in group activities and attend presentations throughout the three-day event, as well as be able to observe Congress proceedings during the time slots when the Health Freedom Congress is convened. Included with the General Participant rate is also admittance to the Meet & Greet on Sunday evening, Monday evening Geoengineering workshop and “VAXXED” movie, as well as a seat at the Health Freedom Awards Banquet and Keynote presentation on Tuesday evening. Lunches and dinners provided; further details forthcoming, food will be organic if available.

Congress General Participant – Health Freedom Awards Banquet and Keynote Speaker Only
($60 per person).
If you choose this option, you will not attend any of the other events on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.